Wow! It's been almost two weeks out of commission in the fatherland, getting back in tune with my German half and frolicking about questionable corners in Berlin, but I'm back in New York, baby! And already projects are being projected for the near future. Another student filming project; this time we'll be taping a scene from Dogville. Columbia students are really hooking me up! Oh, and the scene that I performed from The Anniversary Party is officially going to be filmed. That means more reel footage! And I also received a call from a friend who I did a photoshoot with last summer for some new t shirts (a snap of that is lurking somewhere on this website), but this time he wanted me to do a book cover...and the book may eventually turn into a movie! So I'm thrilled to be involved with something that seems to be in the process of growing bigger and bigger. 

Besides that, I think I am going to drag myself to a book shop today and do some monologue hunting. It's about time to refresh the repertoire. 

Au revoir and I'll write again soon!