I workshopped this weekend. We grit our teeth and pushed our way through a scene from The Graduate. We definitely had to work hard at discovering the subtleties within the subtext, and bringing that to life within the spoken text. Which, for some reason, was very difficult for us! We had a long rehearsal, and brought it to the workshop the next day where we discussed the intention of the characters and what they wanted from the other. We focused on "getting what we wanted" instead of our own inner turmoil, and managed to break through what was holding us back. It was exciting to suddenly recognize and feel the true emotion within my body; we began to listen and react much more organically. For sure, we limped through our growing pains, but to come out on the other side is what you do the work for. We of course could have expanded a lot more on the piece, but time constraints only allow for so much.

I'm also looking forward to this music video that I will be shooting this week! We will be dressed up and frolicking on the beach for a bit, and now that the summer is inching its way here, I think that we will have a glorious time. I met some (if not all?) of the crew during my audition, and I'm looking forward to spending more time with them. I will, at the end of this week, update on how this shoot went! I will most likely have another shoot coming up towards the end of the month with another Columbia film student as well. I was cast in his piece (!!), but we are trying to still work out some scheduling logistics. So I'm crossing my fingers for this all to work out! I'll write as life happens. Wishing sunshine!