Columbia director Axel Öhman cast me in his original short film! We packed our bags and collectively occupied six motel rooms on the foggy Jersey shore; filming on the springtime beach, we did our best to embrace the temperamental weather. The chilliness turned out to be lucky because the overcast sky ended up working beautifully for the footage, so we were eventually grateful for the picturesque (but cold!) coast. 

We really had such a lovely time- I really like working with artists my age and who are discovering as I discover. The cast and crew bonded magnificently, and I even got to slate a few of the scenes! Trying my hand at camera assistance :) Our producers took a lot of photos, and I haven't been able to get them all, but I have posted a very select few- so check them out here! I will add some more pictures as soon as new ones find their way towards me. 

In other fresh news: I have an audition and a callback coming up this week! I'll be sure to write more as things unfold.