This past weekend (which incidentally happened to be my birthday weekend! Happy 23!), I went on a few calls. I was a little frazzled, having felt a little rushed in my preparations, but I managed to land a spot in a director's workshop and a music video! The workshopping class is a place where independent directors, whose films have made festival rounds, do scene work in order to practice the most effective way to work with their actors. It will be great to get to know new people, and just to have a chance to do some serious scene study. We will be performing this coming weekend.

The music video we will be shooting next week, and I managed to land the lead! It is a 50's inspired piece, and I am very excited to partake in some period work. Getting dressed up is one of my most delightful pleasures :)

So, I'm excited to be busy for a little while, and I will keep coming back here to write about all the divine new happenings that pop up!