There has recently been a frenzy of networking in my day-to-day. I got word through a friend that the barista at one of my local coffee shops was also a photographer, and interested in working with me. I tried communicating through my friend, and counted on seeing the friendly face of this barista again, but of course, as fate would have it, he was no longer anywhere to be found. I shot him an email, and two weeks later, I ended up running in to him again (whew!). So we have set up plans to work on a photoshoot together in the near future (I'll post links to his homepage once our work is up here). 

In addition, thanks to the graces of social media,  a lost friend was able to connect with me and expressed interest in working with photos...and paint! We are still working out the details (and I will also post a link to his site once our work is up), but I'm excited to explore creatively and get to know new people and new ideas!