After class was cancelled last week (due to this winter wonderland), everyone reconvened today in the little campus studio, and I had the chance to perform the scene from The Anniversary Party. The snippet was workshopped beautifully- it underwent such a transformation, and we are hoping to tape it in the future for another project.

In addition...I finally got a hold of some of the on set stills from Love & Pipes...2 months late, but I'm still so happy to be able to share them! In the same vein, I will be receiving the full footage tomorrow, and will definitively be able to begin cutting and pasting a reel. It will come together, and I will make a grand announcement when it does! I'm taking the next week and a half to peruse around Germany, and I'll probably have the extra time to really put some effort into this demo. Going further north, so expecting more snow. At least New York has  prepared me well!